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Nortech Labs carries a full line of healthcare and medical products. Our categories feature Reusable Hot Cold Gel Packs, Instant Cold Packs, Cold Shipping Packs, Insulated Box Liners, Foil Bubble Mailers, Back Supports and more. 

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Cool Blue Foil Bubble Mailers ThermaKool Hot Cold Gel Pack InstaKool Instant Cold Packs

Sports / Athletic TrainersSports / Athletic Trainers
2017 Specials & Sales
Clearance Sale
Nurses / School Nurses
Reusable Hot Cold Gel Packs
Retail Boxes with Wrap Retail Boxes with Wrap
Therma-Kool Packs Therma-Kool Packs
Therma-Kool Packs - BULK Therma-Kool Packs - BULK
Therma-Kool® (Hot / Cold Packs)
Dentists / Oral Surgeons
Doctors / Health Professionals
Physical Therapists
Cool Blue™ Shipping Solutions
Cool Blue™ Shipping Solutions
Instant Cold Packs / Ice Packs
Retail & First Aid Boxes Retail & First Aid Boxes
Insta-Kool & COOL Packs Insta-Kool & COOL Packs
Insta-Kool & COOL Packs BULK Insta-Kool & COOL Packs - BULK
Blue Easy Sleeve - Disposable Covers
Insta-Kool™ (Instant Cold Packs)
Cold Shipping Packs
COOL (Instant Cold Packs)
Dental Pack™ Cold Compress
Insulated Foil Bubble Box Liners
Gel Blox™ (Cold Shipping Packs)
Insulated Foil Bubble Mailers
Freedom Wrap®
Blue Easy Sleeves™
Metalized Insulated Envelopes
ComfaGel™ (Gel Therapy)
Cold Shipping Supplies On Sale
Cold Shipping Packs Cold Shipping Packs
Foil Bubble Mailers Foil Bubble Mailers
Insulated Box Liners Insulated Box Liners
Metalized Envelopes Metalized Envelopes
SAMPLES - Cold Shipping Products SAMPLES - Cold Shipping Products
Mor-Loc / Jobri Supports
SAMPLES - Cold Shipping Products
Altaire Eye Wash
Celox® First Aid
Dental Pack Reusable Cold Packs
Blue Easy Sleeves - Disposable Covers
Vagi-Kool® Reusable Cold Pack
Freedom Wrap - Reusable Covers
Sub-Zero™ Pain Relieving Gel
Tecniclene™ Concentrated Cleaner
Exam Disposables & Table Paper
Chiropractic Table & Headrest Paper Chiropractic Table & Headrest Paper
Disposable Pillowcases Disposable Pillowcases
Exam Capes & Gowns Exam Capes & Gowns
Exam Shorts Exam Shorts
Orthopedic & Lumbar Support
Back Braces & Supports Back Braces & Supports
Cushions & Pressure Management Cushions & Pressure Management
Cervical Collars Cervical Collars
Wrist & Knee Braces Wrist & Knee Braces
Eye Wash
First Aid
Celox Blood Clotting Products Celox® Blood Clotting Products
Sub-Zero Pain Relieving Products Sub-Zero™ Pain Relieving Products
Electrodes & Ultrasound
Laboratory & Scientific