Cold Shipping & Temperature Sensitive Products FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs?
We recommend laying them flat in the freezer, and letting them freeze for at least 24 hours. This should turn the packs into a solid "block" of gel.

What size Gel Blox™ should I use?
The different sizes of Gel Blox™ are based mostly on customer preference. Some people like to use a bunch of smaller packs to surround their payload, while others will use one or two of the larger packs. The best way to find out what works for you is to order samples through our samples online order form.

How should I pack Gel Blox™ into my box?

Although every shipment is different, we recommend that you surround your payload with Gel Blox™ for maximum efficiency. Placing the packs on the top, bottom and both sides will usually have the best effect.

How long do Gel Blox™ stay cold?
We have conducted clinical trials where our Gel Blox™ was able to stay cold for days. Because of a huge range of variables that can happen once your package leaves your hands, it is hard to determine exactly how long they will stay cold. For maximum efficiency, we recommend using Insulated Box Liners or Foil Bubble Mailers in conjunction with Gel Blox™. These products help to deflect radiant heat and also offer more protection and insulation.

What happens when Gel Blox™ being to thaw?

Like any product that is frozen, Gel Blox will perspire when they thaw out. You should always make sure that your payload is properly protected to avoid moisture. If you are concerned that the packs may thaw out before reaching it's destination, you can wrap the Gel Blox in plastic, saran wrap or even ziplock bags. We also offer Non-Woven Moisture-Resistant Cold Shipping Packs that drastically reduce the amount of perspiration when thawing out.

Is Gel Blox™ non-toxic?
Yes. Gel Blox™ is manufactured using food grade gel. For more information, please see our Gel Blox™ SDS Sheet.

Do you offer bulk discounting?
Yes. On orders of 50 cases or more (1 pallet), we can offer our Gel Blox at a discounted price. Please contact us for more information on our bulk discounting program.

How do I put an Insulated Box Liner into a box?

Insulated Box Liners lay flat (2D design) and come with 1" heavy duty airtight adhesive tape. Hold the box liner upright so that the tape is facing you. Fold the bottom corners up or down to fit into the box and then slide the insulated box liner into the box. After that, remove the adhesive tape and fold over to seal the top. Lastly, fold the top flaps into the sides of the box for added insulation. For video instructions, click here.

How can I tell if my package will arrive in optimum condition?
Since every application is different, we always recommend trying samples or ordering small quantities before shipping. When testing, it is best to visualize how your package will be handled once it leaves your hand. Testing in a controlled environment before using it in your application will help to measure performance.

What size Insulated Box Liner should I use?
The measurements that we use for our Insulated Box Liners are the measurements for the box that it should be used for. For example, a 6" x 6" x 6" Insulated Box Liner is specifically made for a 6" x 6" x 6" box.

How do I dispose of Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs?
Gel Blox™ gel consists of non-toxic food grade polymer and can be disposed of directly in a garbage bin. Gel Blox™ is also reusable; they can be kept in a freezer and used for camping, tailgating, or shipping.

What is the difference between your Cool Blue™ Insulated Box Liners / Bubble Mailers and other box liners?
Our Cool Blue™ material is 1/4" thick, making it one of the thickest foil bubble liners in the market. Cool Blue provides a huge amount of insulation compared to other insulated box liners. It is also a green product, made with recycled FDA approved plastic and reusable foil. Cool Blue is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Can I order custom sizes of Insulated Box Liners or Foil Bubble Mailers?
Yes. We offer custom sizes with a minimum quantity of 250 pieces. All standard sizes are available here on our e-commerce site.

What are Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes?
Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes are developed for maximum payload protection and help to insure that temperature sensitive payloads arrive in optimum condition. They feature a multi-layered metalized film with an airtight payload chamber, heavy duty FDA approved ziplock closure and flap down sealing tape. Kodiak Metalized Envelopes are ideal for shipping pharmaceuticals and other valuable temperature sensitive products.

Do you offer samples?
Yes - we have a samples program on our website that features all of our standard cold shipping products. To order samples, click here.

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