Kodiak Pack Metalized Insulated Envelopes

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Since 1961, Nortech Labs has been providing green and innovative quality products to the medical, healthcare and cold chain shipping industry.
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Nortech Labs, Inc. is a pioneer and leader in gel manufacturing. As the original inventor of the Therma-Kool® Hot / Cold Gel Therapy Pack (Patent # 3,780,537), we are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ways of incorporating our gel into different products.

For over 60 years, we have expanded our capabilities and are now servicing our products all over the world. As of 2017, our product line reaches over fifty markets including health professionals, dentists, surgical dealers, wholesale/distributors, government agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and much more.

All Nortech products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Click here to read more about our company!

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Our quality standards here at Nortech Labs are second to none. All Nortech Labs products are made with the highest quality standards & thoroughly inspected before it is shipped to you.

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Featured Products

Insta-Kool Instant Cold Pack, Junior Size: 5" x 7" Insta-Kool Instant Cold Pack, Junior: 5" x 7"

Delivers immediate cold therapy for first aid, providing comfort and reducing swelling after an injury.
16/Case: 27.95
24/Case: 36.95

Price: $27.95

Chiropractic Hot Cold Pak Chiropractic Hot Cold Pak

Chiropractic Pak Hot/Cold Compress relieves lower back pain and is ideal for the lumbar region and lower back area.
1 Each: 19.95
2 Pack: 29.95

Top Seller

Price: $19.95

Foil Bubble Wine Bottle Protector Bag for Shipping Foil Bubble Wine Bottle Protector Bag for Shipping

Foil Bubble Wine Bottle Protector Bag for Shipping transport your wine safely. Use for shipments, travel, gifts or special events.
5/Case: 21.95
10/Case: 39.50
15/Case: 54.50
25/Case: 83.25
50/Case: 152.00
100/Case: 279.00

Price: $21.95
Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Boxed MINI / FACE - 4" x 6" Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Boxed MINI / FACE - 4" x 6"

Therma-Kool® is a reusable gel pack designed to provide comfortable pain relief when cold or hot therapy is required.
1 Box: 14.95
2/Case: 24.95
6/Case: 62.95

Price: $14.95

Foil Insulated Box Liners, 11" x 8" x 6" USPS Medium Flat Rate Foil Insulated Bubble Box Liners, 11" x 8" x 6" (Fits in USPS Medium Flat Rate Boxes)

11" x 8" x 6" size is specifically made to fit in MEDIUM USPS Priority Mail boxes.
5/Case: 31.95
10/Case: 59.95
25/Case: 98.95
50/Case: 167.95
Top Seller

Price: $31.95

Gel Blox Cold Shipping Pack 8 oz 4" x 6" Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Pack, 8 oz - 4" x 6"

Specifically Designed and Engineered for COLD Transport.
6/Case: 17.95
24/Case: 37.95
72/Case: 76.95

Top Seller

Price: $17.95

Foil Metallic Thermal Bubble Mailers 8" x 11" Foil Metallic Thermal Bubble Mailers, 8" x 11"

Acts as a barrier against the conduction, convection and radiant heat transfer (foil reflects 97% of radiant heat).
5/Case: 15.95
10/Case: 22.50
25/Case: 45.95
50/Case: 68.50
100/Case: 117.50

Price: $15.95


Customer Testimonials

I suffer from fibromyalgia and frequently use hot and cold to relieve pain. I have never come across a cold pack that stays as cold for as long as your brand does.

E. Stengel, Atlanta GA

I was at a rugby tournament today and witnessed a nasty accident as a burst ‘ice bag’ sprayed ammonium nitrate into a boys face. He was fine after treatment but I am keen to source a cool bag such as your non-toxic, latex free InstaKool in the UK.

Dan C. , United Kingdom

Your product is so good, versatile and such a good ice pack to lay on because it is soft. This is the kindest ice pack or heat pack that I have ever used in my 58 years.

Shirley J., Palatka FL